Sportsmanship and conduct

We have high expectations for the SPK experience, and these can only be met if drivers contribute to an atmosphere of safety, respect, and positive enthusiasm. Consequently, we expect the following of all participants:

  • Be polite
  • Be fair
  • Teach others
  • Set a good example
  • Be a good winner
  • Be a good loser

Racing rules

Drivers will be educated to understand the function of flags on the track and the proper use of racing lanes. Any driver who violates these rules may be removed from the track. A few high level rules rules are essential and, if violated, will lead to immediate termination of the visit are:

  • Karts may not come in contact with other karts or barriers;
  • Passing must be conducted in a safe manner;
  • SPK instructors may terminate any session if a driver is operating a kart in an unsafe manner.
passing lanes

Passing rules detailed

In order for a clean pass to be made, all racers must understand where they are allowed to be and not allowed to be at every stage of a passing event. To help with this we split the track into three lanes consisting of two passing lanes and one center lane. Additionally some turns have a what is called a braking zone zone.

The four stages of a pass

Stage 1: Pre-pass

In this stage the pass has not been initiated. The red kart is in the lead and has right-of-way to the track forward of his rear bumper. The Green kart is following and has right of way to the track forward of his rear bumper to the rear bumper of the red kart.

Stage 1

Stage 2: Pass initiated

In this stage of the pass the green kart has initiated a pass of the red kart. The green kart gains right-of-way to the passing lane on the side the pass is being made on.

  1. In the illustration the green kart is inside the red karts right-of-way. If the red kart was to move left, the green kart would need to yield to the left until out of the red karts right-of-way.
  2. A pass cannot be initiated in the braking zone. A pass initiated prior to the braking zone can continue into the braking zone and through the corner.
Stage 2

Stage 3: Reversal of lead

In this stage of the pass the green kart has taken the lead and now gains the right-of-way to the center lane.

  1. The red kart is now in the green karts right-of-way so if the green kart was to move to the right, the red kart would need to yield to the right until out of the green karts right-of-way.
  2. Stage 2 and 3 are the same with the karts reversed.
  3. A passing event can change back and forth from stage 2 and 3 any number of time before moving to stage 4. With each change in lead so changes the right-of-way for each kart.
Stage 3

Stage 4: Pass complete

In this stage of the pass, the green kart has move ahead of the red kart and the pass gains right-of-way to the entire track forward of his rear bumper. Stage 4 and Stage 1 are the same with the kart positions reversed.

Stage 4