Group Formats

Racing event formats

Step 1: Prep
Registration, safety briefing, helmets and other equipment.
Step 2: Practice
Drivers practice for an 11 minute session. The practice sessions are timed sessions followed by coaching techniques for more effective racing. GP4 drivers receive a second 11 minute practice session.
Step 3: Qualifying
The outcome of these qualifying sessions will determine the starting position on the grid for the first race.
Step 4: Race!
Each race will be a gridded standing start race. The winner of that race is the winner of the event.
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Format options

GP3 $75 per person

11 minPractice
11 minQualifying
11 minRace

GP4 $100 per person

11 minPractice
11 minPractice (2nd session)
11 minQualifying
11 minRace

Ask about t-shirts and trophies available for an additional cost.