Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

SPK operates on the RFK Stadium parking lot 8 at 2500 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003. Driving directions Parking is generally available unless there is another event being held inside the stadium. Always check our Facebook page for the latest announcements on schedule changes or parking restrictions. The easiest way to get to us is to use the DC Metro.


How does this work?

SPK creates “Arrive and Drive Excitement” by providing everything you need. (kart, helmet, safety briefing, and an outdoor race track). You provide photo ID, closed toe shoes, and $25 — simple.

How much does it cost?

SPK translates session time into points. Some tracks or special events may require more points per session than others. With our basic pricing model $25 will get you one hundred points deposited into your “SPK Account”. Those points are redeemable for different amounts of time on different tracks. Our best value is becoming an SPK member for $40. SPK memberships include a t-shirt and one hundred points redeemable for karting sessions. Members can purchase points at a considerable discount.

I have a membership with credits — are they still valid?

Yes, SPK will translate each credit in your account into one hundred points. When SPK added two more tracks we elected to make the basic track a more economical value.

Can I bring my own gear?

Yes. SPK may disapprove personal equipment if it is deemed unsafe.

Can I bring my own kart?

SPK will be renting our track facilities in the future for practice sessions. This will be available for SPK member racers qualified at the Elite level or higher. Reach out to a member of our staff for details.

How long is a session?

Each session on Track A is six minutes long, Track B or C is eleven minutes long.

I want to bring out a group, how many do I need?

SPK can accommodate groups/parties/events from 8 to 100+. We offer private rentals and group reservations. Reservations outside normal hours require a minimum 8 participants. Reservations are typically for a Mini GP but open karting is also available.

Do you need to bring a valid drivers license or can I use a regular government-issued ID or military ID?

Anyone 16 or older will need to bring a valid government-issued ID.

Is a racing suit required, if so, do you supply them?

No. We advise you wear a jacket, pants and gloves. Something similar to jean jacket and pants simply for abrasion protection. SPK does have a limited supply of neck brace/chest protectors (first come first served).

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