Welcome to Summit Point Kart

Nope, not West Virginia — we’re now in Washington, DC!
Same SPK — but we’re in a great new place with all new tracks and updated karts!

SPK is closed for the winter

Our karts are not what you may think — they are capable of reaching highway speeds

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Summit Point Kart is far different from the go-kart tracks you may have tried in amusement parks...

Based on the European model for training apprentice race car drivers, SPK provides an intense, thrilling, challenging driving experience that will stretch every driver’s limits and improve each driver’s skill.

SPK is dedicated to helping drivers approach or achieve the experience of “flow” through competitive driving. Our goal is to improve driving skill and help our visitors push their personal limits and discover their potential through high-performance Karts, a meticulously designed track, and expert, individualized support. Our larger goal is for drivers to experience a larger sense of control and growth on the track that they can translate to many other areas of their lives.

It is essential that SPK participants understand that driving our track is not easy, and that understanding and obeying the rules is absolutely necessary.

Those who are willing to make the effort will find that SPK provides a unique, peak experience that will teach you as much about yourself as about driving fast.


  1. dedicated to finding and fostering racing talent — every component of SPK is designed to develop racers from their first ride to their career in motor sports;
  2. high speed, wheel to wheel racing with the risk of injury or death.


  1. an amusement park ride;
  2. run like most other race tracks — even if you are a veteran racer, please take the time to understand how things are done at SPK;
  3. for drivers who ignore or disobey the rules.

We essentially only offer one thing — Racing.

I love that SPK is for drivers of all levels and is a place that you can truly learn car control and race craft. Three different tracks helps keep the bar high for every level of driver.
SPK kart

SPK exclusively races SODIKART — the world leader in karting industry.


Our Honda-powered karts are an ultra-modern and exceptional design with all the best and latest technologies.

Weight150 kg
Fuel capacity11 liters (~25 minutes)
Transmissionvariable speed
Top speedShow us what you got!

Sportsmanship and conduct

We have high expectations for the SPK experience, and these can only be met if drivers contribute to an atmosphere of safety, respect, and positive enthusiasm. Consequently, we expect the following of all participants:

  • Be polite
  • Be fair
  • Teach others
  • Set a good example
  • Be a good winner
  • Be a good loser

Before you arrive...

All drivers 16+ must bring a government-issued ID, all participants need to wear approved shoes, all minors need a parent present to sign a safety release and everyone must watch a safety video before participating.

Read up on the specific policies for drivers 18+, minors between 16-17 years old and children under the age of 15.